Corporate Investigations

We are a national and international corporate investigation agency.
Our top priority is to find crucial evidence that supports the legal position of our clients in current
proceedings. Finding of evidence is an important part of our work that we pursue with methodologies of
highest quality.
Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge of how to find evidence and how to use evidence according
to the relevant law. Our services include:

  • Economic offenses & competition law
  • Observations & Investigations
  • Patent & Fraud Law
  • Business espionage & extortion offenses
  • Detecting listening devices
  • insurance fraud
  • salary continuation fraud
  • thefts

Private Investigations

We detect, analyze, investigate and surveil.
Our smart, trained and experienced detectives and bodyguards know how to find information, people and
stolen valuables.
Our services include:

  • Investigative Research (Private Investigation)
  • Preventive measures and investigations
  • kidnapping & blackmail
  • Theft offenses
  • Stalking & Marital Affairs
  • inheritance investigations

Protective Services

To protect your security, the timely recognition and prevention of danger has the highest priority.
In case of possible attacks, we guarantee your safety and physical integrity. We have the best possible
equipment, state-of-the-art means of communication and appropriate defense practices.
We offer our escort protection to you, your family, valuables and transports – unarmed and armed.